Best Eye Cream- Elite Serum Tops the Best Sellers List

Best Eye Cream- Elite Serum Tops the Best Sellers List

Best Eye Cream – Four years after Elite Serum cream for the eye was released by SkinPro, the company can report that they have been able to reach the Best Sellers List in the category of eye treatment at Leading a pack of competing products such as those from Lancome, Peter Thomas Roth, Estee Lauder and L”Oreal among many others, Elite Serum is the world’s undisputed king as far as eye serum is confirmed.

Elite Serum’s rise to fame can be traced back to 2012 during one episode, The Dr. Oz Show, in which Dr. Mehmet Oz requested viewers to try Argireline eye treatment rather than Botox. It should be noted that SkinPro has been an ardent supporter of using Argireline. The result of this is that Elite Serum quickly shot to fame and soon became an instant favorite among millions of users worldwide.

The ideal Combination of Important Ingredients
Although Argireline is capable of being used on its own to make wonderful skin products, the makers of Elite Serum thought that it could work even better when combined with the right ingredients. Therefore, rather than just use Argireline on its own, scientists behind this great product worked hard to combine it with ideal collection of peptides and moisturizers that have been carefully selected. The result is that an unbeatable skin product has been unleashed into the market.

Revitalizing Peptides
One of the most important ingredients used to make Elite Serum is called Snap-8, which is just an elongated form of Argireline. The importance of this ingredient is seen in its ability to control fine lines and wrinkles by stopping muscular contractions. Working in conjunction with Snap-8, Argireline is then able to smooth the skin. The effects are even more incredible when this deadly combination is paired with a circulation booster called Haloxy.

Haloxy, due to its ability to increase circulation, is also capable of reducing puffiness under the eye by an overwhelming 600%, and also dark circles. This it does by cleaning toxic dark blood which is known to collect under the eyes. What you are left with is not only a fresh but also a more revitalized look.

The product is even strengthened further by bringing Eyeliss into the mix. Eyeliss is in itself a mixture composed of three other peptides. The three peptides have the ability of cutting down puffiness by nearly 70% the moment they are applied to your skin. The principle behind their working is by upping lymphatic circulation, something that leads to draining of the area, consequently eliminating puffiness. The other peptide, Matrixyl, is composed of two matrikines. These refer to skin repair’s cellular messengers. The ingredient, upon reaching the skin, creates novel cells, in addition to improving the existing ones.

The resultant product is a skin that is devoid of wrinkles but smoother. To illustrate the effectiveness of Elite Serum, it was put under clinical trial, and was found to eliminate close to 45% of skin wrinkles. This was just under 2 months. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that a bottle of Elite Serum also does contain Syn-Coll. This is the agent that stimulates collagen production. Syn-Coll is what makes skin appear younger, and this is by ridding it of wrinkles as well as revamping leathery skin.

Age-Defying Moisturizers
Each Elite Serum bottle has rich seaweed extract which has been combined with pharmaceutical-grade ingredient. The seaweed extract, in protecting the skin’s elasticity, also protects the natural collagen of the skin. These also prevent production of enzymes which are known to break elastin and collagen down. In addition, seaweed extract is an excellent therapeutic cleanser, and also stops viruses.

Moisturizing agents making up Elite Serum do work, and this has been clinically proven. According to research, people were able to cut their wrinkles by nearly 10% over a period of 3 months.Effects of seaweed extracts can be boosted by mixing it with Hyaluronic Acid, and this permeates the skin to encourage nutrient absorption and micro circulation. This has the capability of making the skin appear younger and also vibrant. The effects are more dramatic in people whose skins have been damaged by stress, sun exposure and smoking among other things.

DNA Revamping
The ingredients discussed above have been used by Elite Serum manufactures to come up with a very powerful product. When the ingredients are combined to make one product, it is just unbeatable. The end result is that you have a serum can reduce circles, rejuvenates DNA, as well as eliminate wrinkles. Therefore, rather than use dangerous injections or painful medical procedures, customers need only apply this fast-absorbing cream. Consumers will realize its effectiveness the moment they sense a cooling effect. The fact that it is hypoallergenic means users need not worry about irritation or sensitivities.

Made in USA
Developed by a renowned cosmetic pharmacist, one Irwin Grams, Elite Serum is manufacture in Miami, and in FDA-licensed labs. In their list of “Best of 2012”, Plastic Surgery Practice aptly christened Elite Serum “An Anti-Aging Breakthrough”. Elite Serum gets manufactured in USA and considered by many the best eye cream!

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